Sklizeno (Harvested). The shop with real food.

Today I visited a shop called “Sklizeno” (Harvested) in Brno. This shop is unique in the approach it uses to select things that are being offered. It is definitely not a common “healthy lifestyle” shop full of weird macrobiotic ingredients imported from Japan, few rotten pieces of vegetables called “organic” and of course, no meat. Yet it is not a common food store, nor a supermarket with tens of thousands of articles on their shelves. This is a shop with high quality food mostly from local farmer and producents, with all the normal food items people usually buy. I was impressed by this experience and in this article, I would like to present this shop.

The address of the shop is Křídlovická 47, Brno. You can buy there for very reasonable prices things like traditional Czech sour bread of various varieties baked by a small local bakery, fruits and vegetables from a few local producers (some of them organic-certified, some not, but with a note that manure was used as a fertilizer, instead of chemical fertilizers), organic meat vacuum-packed and a few non-organic meat products like ham, lots of cheeses and milk products, butter (non-organic, but local and made from fresh cream), eggs (from free range), apple cider and lots of other juices, many kinds of special beer, organic-certified and integrated-production wine, and all other basic things like flour, pasta, ketchup, mustard etc.

I liked this concept very much and I am glad there exists such a shop. Hopefully, other similar shops will appear. After the visit and my first purchase, I can safely say the advertisement about offering “real food” is right. And not just real food, but also environmentally friendly, as majority of the products offered come from local farmers and producers, and are preferred over some foreign “organic” stuff. As a customer, it is very pleasant that you don’t have to read tons of labels to see which particular butter brand is Czech-made and is fresh. (Why supermarkets offer 8 “different” brands of butter,  most of it coming from German or Belgian cooling plants where it stayed for maybe a year, then being re-mixed and re-packed, instead of just one kind of a high-quality local fresh butter?…) The same with other products. In fact, you don’t have to be overwhelmed by thousands of articles on a space of a mid-size former fertile field. You just need good-enough food of let’s say, 30 or 50 types. And it seems as if precisely this idea stood behind the business plan of “Sklizeno” shop. Thanks god somebody finally recognized this fact and was able to convert this remark into a real shop for customers! It seems so good for me that I even had a short conversation with my brother, who was in the shop with me, about opening an affiliated branch store…

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