Impose single-page PDF on a page by repeating (Linux)

How to quickly make a PDF where a smaller size single-page PDF (e.g. A6) is copied n-times so you can quickly print it on any office printer on a regular A4 paper? For general purpose imposition I recommend using free service (although they still rely on Flash plugin so it becomes hassle to use it nowadays). For the simple scenarios where you don’t need removing cropmarks in the original file and just need to copy the same file multiple times on a bigger sheet you can use a nice Linux tool bookletimposer. It has GUI but I found easier to make a script with some fixed options to easily do common tasks with from the command line. First install bookletimposer (for Debian/Ubuntu/Mint: apt install bookletimposer) and then download this script e.g. to ~/bin and chmod +x ~/bin/ it to make it executable. Then in any folder just use the command -r 2 file.pdf to create 2 repetitions from A5 to A4. Output file is file-2x.pdf in the same folder. For 2×2 scenario use -r 4, for 2×4 use -r 8 and for any other combination use directly the matrix into the -r parameter (r for repetitions). Warning, the output files get overwritten without warning if they exist. Check the code well before deploying it in any mission-critical environment ;)

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