Earthcoin Greenwashing

Earthcoin greenwashing

Greenwashing is a strategy to brand something as eco-friendly, green, sustainable, healthy etc. even if it is completely the opposite in reality. Earthcoin, one of minor crypto-currencies similar to Litecoin or Bitcoin, is a perfect example of this. As we already know, „mining“ of almost every crypto-currency needs electricity to power the CPUs, GPUs or ASICs. The ecological/carbon footprint of it is already huge and increasing every day.

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Dogecoin and Catcoin DEB i386 packages

On this page I offer you binary builds of dogecoin and catcoin Qt client and daemons as convenient debian DEB packages primarily suitable for Ubuntu 12.04 but hopefully working on other versions of Debian/Ubuntu too.


Dogecoin is a brand new and somewhat funny digital currency based on scrypt, the same algo as Litecoin uses.

Until now there was no binary package of the Qt wallet client available for Linux ( So I grabbed the sources from github, compiled both dogecoind and dogecoin-qt myself and after that I tried for the first time ever to make a Debian/Ubuntu package. Here it is (for 32bit i386 architecture only, should hopefully work at least on Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin and Linux Mint 13 Maya, the dependencies are I suppose the same as for the Litecoin package):

GPG key that I used for signing the packages is here.



UPDATE: Yet another cute cryptocurrency appeared, catcoin :-)  It has the same settings as bitcoin but using scrypt instead of SHA256.

The package for i386:

  • deb-packagecatcoin i386 deb (– MB) UPDATE 2 Feb 2014 another hardfork, need new client version

64bit version will be available perhaps later, if there will be the demand for it.

If it works for you consider a small donation ;e)

BTC:  13itEwsfGsSTCgtL5nPbFUX5JDWoG2mYhE
CAT:  9qpjhKumhsw9cYoa4Z9LzCrhEEQvnVwSVx

NameCoin’s dead as Michael Gronager publishes its fatal Achilles‘ heel

RIP, NameCoinMichael Gronager aka coinslayer, a developer of libcoin, announced today a fatal flaw in the code of NameCoin while he was analyzing it during his work of implementing NameCoin to the library. Read the full annoucement at BitcoinTalk. Here I quote just some really *palmface*-ish fragments of his discovery (emphases added by me). UPDATE: A hard-fork is planned, the only option to fix the issue.

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